Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Pictorial Review

My observation that Fairbanks summer weather wasn't "all that' has been substantiated. Today's News Miner reported that the average temperature in Fairbanks this summer was 59.5 degrees. We had 5 days of 80 degree weather -- far off the average of 11 days.

Yesterday was Labor Day; summer is officially over. Here's summer in pictures:
Start of summer -- Hiking Angel Rocks
Memorial Day Weekend -- Hollie's last weekend in Fairbanks.
New hair do
New kayak!!
First summer fire at Rushell's.
First summer bug bites on my leg after
night at Rushell's.
First vole caught by the kitties.
Summer sunset
Kayaking Birch Lake
Summer solstice midnight sun run.
Midnight walks at Creamer's Field.
Luxurious sun
Another vole
Post hunting nap.
11pm sunlight.
Blair -- the chicken whisperer.
Hanging with the girls.
Mark and Kyson preparing the spud gun.

Summer fires!
Staying up until 3am because
1) you don't realize it's 3am and 2) because you can.

More morning sun
Guitar practicing
Summer allergies.

Midnight tomfoolery. You do it because you can.

Begging kitty

Forlorn kitty
Summer flowers
Julia visits from California!
Ice climbing!
Long summer evenings

4-wheeling and camping.

Rushell and Tug, July 4th
Fireworks July 5th

Just another evening at the Chicken Coop!
Playing washers
Summer music
Seattle visit to see Cicilie
Road trip to Anchorage!
 Craft activities in Anchorage because
the weather is so awful all you can do
is be inside.

Another summer morning.
Summer afternoons by the river.
Summer boredom.

Kayaking the Chena River
Blair serenading the chickens.
Chena Lakes camping and paddling.

Back to work! In-service in Juneau.
Road trip to Anchorage.
Seen in Anchorage. I have no words for this.
Pretending Anchorage has summer weather.
It wouldn't be summer without a baby in the cupboard!
Summer turning to fall
Yep, fall is here.
Labor Day bbq and fireworks.