Saturday, March 30, 2013

Conversation with a TSA Agent

Flying back from California this week I had a layover in Seattle. Upon going through security the machines beeped at me and I was pulled aside. The following conversation ensued:

TSA Agent: Do you have anything in your pockets, are you wearing a belt?
Me: No, no.
TSA Agent: Any big earrings, braces on your body or medical implants?
Me: No, no and no.
TSA Agent:  Any knee or hip replacements?
Me: You know, I fly every week -- I know the drill. The only thing I'm wearing that's metal is my necklace.
TSA Agent: Well if you fly every week why are you making the machine go off?
Me: You're the security expert, why don't you tell me?

Sarcasm is not appreciated by TSA Agents. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

AK Champ!

Folks, you can now say that you know an Alaska State Record Holder in Olympic Weightlifting (for my age/gender/weight class). There are two lifts in Olympic Weightlifting: the snatch and the clean &Jerk. My record for the snatch is 66lbs; and for Clean &Jerk 93.5lbs.To be clear, I'm not *the* record holder. Each age group is broken down by weight classes and there is a record holder for each of those groups.