Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ivory Jacks

A bit of backtracking for this post. I realized I never wrote about my first night out on the town. Before any more time slips away, let me get to it! So that first weekend I was here, Jeff took me to Ivory Jacks. I had requested we go somewhere I could see some local color and Ivory Jack's fit the bill. Every Saturday night is "open mic" night at Jacks and Jeff had said we might even see local legend, Hobo Jim. Just hearing the name, not knowing anything else about Jim, made me laugh so hard I snorted the beer I was drinking out through my nose. I couldn't wait. Second night in town and I was going to see someone named Hobo Jim? I couldn't ask for more.

Ivory Jacks is a typical bar and restaurant with the owner's favorite Yankee's memorabilia decorating the walls, and a full size Elvis. Fairbanks is an interesting conglomeration of people, all of whom could be seen at Ivory Jacks. You can find any group you want in Fairbanks, from rednecks to fur-wearing* socialites to dreadlock wearing-i'm fightin'-the-man-should-be-living-in-Santa Cruz-radicals. They have it all here and it was interesting to see the co-mingling at Ivory Jacks.

So Jeff and I settled in at the bar drinking Guinness and taking in the scene awaiting Hobo Jim. I heard all about dry cabins, life in Fairbanks, and found out we have both been to the Salty Dawg in Homer. And many other things I don't remember!  Honestly, I'd tell you more but that was two weeks, and many beers, ago! I know I had fun though.

Unfortunately, Hobo Jim did not show that night. <big sigh> The weekly open mic night was preempted by a benefit show featuring a blue grass band. They were good and we hung out for awhile. Good thing we had arrived early because they actually started charging a cover!  But as bars go in Alaska, the smoke piled up quick, and it didn't take long before we were both ready to go. Despite no Hobo Jim, it was still a great night.

*a note about the fur. I've never been a fur fan. Obviously this is because I've never seen a fur coat in person! One night in town, I saw a lady wearing a full-length fur coat and may I say, it was stunning. Absolutely the most gorgeous article of clothing I have ever seen. Gorgeous! I had no idea they were that beautiful. And more than beautiful, it looked so very, very warm! I wanted to snuggle right in. I have to admit, seeing that fur caused me a momentary questioning of why I'm against fur. It was that beautiful. I'm not going to go out and buy a fur coat but when it's 40 below, I sure will fantasize about it!

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