Monday, February 14, 2011

Churches, Bars, and Coffee Drive-Thrus

For the most part, Fairbanks has everything you need in terms of stores. Sure, a Trader Joe's and Bev Mo would be nice but all in all, they got what ya need. And some things, they have more of than you could ever want. I am fascinated by the copious bars, churches and drive-thru coffee stops found literally on every corner. The bars are across the street from the church and the coffee drive-thru kitty corner to the bar. You could grab a coffee on your way into church and then head to the bar afterwards! Or maybe a drink before church!

The coffee drive-thru's have clever names like, "Chai-it, you'll like it!" and "Espresso yourself". The bars are your typical "Kodiak Jack's", "Silver Bullet" and so on. Bars here stay open until 3am which in turn has created a booming taxi business. I have never seen so many taxis! My neighbor upstairs and fellow speech therapist, H, says she often sees kids getting dropped off at her daughter's daycare, in a taxi. Make of that what you will.

At Eielson, in an effort to deter drunk driving, there's a big display as you leave the base, of a car that was totaled in a drunk driving accident along with a number count of how many days it's been since the last DUI arrest (this is just on the base, not all of Fairbanks). Apparently reaching 30 days doesn't happen too often. This picture was taken several days ago. This morning the tally was up to 15. Guess it was a quiet weekend. Maybe it was too cold to go out to drink and everyone stayed home. I wonder if there is a correlation between temperature and number of arrests.

So there you have it. If you're feeling entrepreneurial, come to Fairbanks and open a coffee drive-thru, a church, a bar, or run your own cab. Fortune is yours for the taking.


  1. Air Force bases display the 30-day DUI count usually in front of the main gate. The DUI's apply to active duty personnel whether the incident is on or off base. If there are no DUI's within 30 days, the base commander orders a 3-day weekend. This way, everyone can go drinking again.

  2. Daily tally is up to 17. People must be gettin' thirsty!