Friday, February 4, 2011

One Week

It's been one week since I arrived in Fairbanks. It feels much longer than that -- like dog years. But in the best of ways. I couldn't be happier to be here. Perhaps it's the novelty of a new place and meeting new people, but I like it here. I haven't been homesick in the least. I'm sure that'll change at some point, but honestly between email, phone, text and facebook, to a large degree interactions with my friends isn't vastly different from when I'm in California. I can easily go for months between seeing certain friends and family. Seeing people in the Bay Area can actually be hard! Heck, for some people, despite living only 20 miles away, I'm on a once every 6 months schedule! Four months between visits will be an anomaly.

I haven't felt this content in a very long time, and am enjoying myself immensely. Sometimes a physical move is the catalyst we need to make a mental shift as well. Moving to a city that is described as "bitterly cold" did the trick. The irony is, I've never felt warmer.

Of course making new friends helps and the Fairbanks North Star Borough Welcome Wagon has been out in full force. As a gracious guest I've been returning the favor with my rookie shenanigans. You know, things like almost backing out of a parking spot while my car was still plugged in, sliding through an intersection when I should have stopped for a red light (I was trying!) and getting lost. Repeatedly. If nothing else I'm a wealth of free entertainment and I'm giving generously. Apparently the more seasoned "sourdoughs" in the borough have a name for us rookies: "cheechako", which doesn't mean "cheeky babe"! 

I'm also learning to mend my California driving ways. Right turn on red just doesn't work when driving in the snow! Nor does tailgating. More about my thoughts on driving in a future post (because y'all know how I love to drive!)

Aside from my cheechako mistakes, I've had some exciting firsts: saw a moose, saw my first snowfall, watched the Under 21 National Curling Championships (actually learned how it's scored), and saw Denali albeit from a hazy distance (yes Jeff, I did!). I look forward to more.

All in all, a wonderful first week. Glad to be here, Fairbanks. Glad to be here.

View from elementary school parking lot

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  1. Great to hear from you and so glad you're having a happy time there. Enjoy every minute and every experience. Meanwhile, we're basking in 65 degree weather and applying the sunscreen :-)
    Mary Lou