Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wildlife Tales

I use the term "wildlife" loosely in this post. Wildlife as in my cats. Last night poor ol' Flubber cat, Roly-Poly, got himself stuck in the neighbor's garage all night. He has spent the day recovering by not straying far from the food dish.

While missing, his sister, sweet Sugar Pie, consoled me by bringing me a live bird which she killed at my feet. Cats are great.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Excellent Alaskan Adventure!

My Super Twin Power, Julia returned to Alaska last week for another chronicle in the Heather and Julia Adventures. We did not disappoint! What a great time we had. We did a little bit of everything: tent camping, fancy-schmancy resort, a canoe trail paddle, hot springs in Fairbanks and a float down the Chena River. 

You can see more of my pictures here:  Alaska Adventure II

On Mt. Alyeska overlooking Turnagain Arm.

Still Summer

Each day that Fairbanks has another 80+ degree day I breathe deep in wonderment. Yet there is also a kernel of reality sitting in the bottom of my stomach, knowing this can't last. While it's here though, I'm doing my best to enjoy every second.

Yesterday was a perfect float day. Blair, Mark, Copper and I floated part of the Pile Driver Slough just south of North Pole.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sunday's warm weather called for a float down the Chena River. I in my kayak, and Blair and Mark in their new-to-them canoe. It was their maiden voyage. In the kayaking world, double kayaks are referred to as divorce boats. I'm not sure if canoes carrying couples have the same association but Blair and Mark survived with their marriage license intact. Copper came too!