Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sunday's warm weather called for a float down the Chena River. I in my kayak, and Blair and Mark in their new-to-them canoe. It was their maiden voyage. In the kayaking world, double kayaks are referred to as divorce boats. I'm not sure if canoes carrying couples have the same association but Blair and Mark survived with their marriage license intact. Copper came too!

One of the best parts about floating the Chena are the plethora of beverage establishments to stop at along the way. A pub crawl in a boat! Due to our late start we only made one stop. Copper was exhausted by then -- he was missing his afternoon nap.

Poor Copper was booted out of the patio area shortly after this picture was taken. To be fair though, the waitress also refused service to a woman who had made one too many drinking stops along the river, was half-naked and had only one flip-flop. We had passed her group earlier and were shocked they had made it as far as they did. I was pretty sure one of them was going to be the first Alaskan water-related death of the summer. As is often the case, the dog was better behaved than the people.

No one capsized!
Copper was a good lookout.
That's me in the distance.
Mark and Copper!

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.