Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Excellent Alaskan Adventure!

My Super Twin Power, Julia returned to Alaska last week for another chronicle in the Heather and Julia Adventures. We did not disappoint! What a great time we had. We did a little bit of everything: tent camping, fancy-schmancy resort, a canoe trail paddle, hot springs in Fairbanks and a float down the Chena River. 

You can see more of my pictures here:  Alaska Adventure II

On Mt. Alyeska overlooking Turnagain Arm.

The highlight was definitely the canoe trail. We spent three days paddling the loop and stayed in a public use cabin for two nights on one of the lakes. The Alaska public use cabins are amazing. I stayed in one last summer and thought that one was fantastic. The James Lake cabin was equally as wonderful.

James Lake Cabin

 This is typical of how most pictures went...