Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

-- Took photo documentation of Denali only to find out it isn't Denali. Curses!
Neither of these peaks is Denali.

-- Checked out walking trails at UAF campus only to discover that I have no idea how to dress for hiking in -1 weather. My ass was frozen.

View from UAF

-- Was told the Northern Lights were out so I dashed outside in my long underwear, boots and jacket faster than you can say "Maker's Mark" where I stood for 10 minutes, waiting. Oh, the ecstasy of sweet anticipation! Only to then hear that, right, can't see them in Fairbanks tonight due to the fog. You could only see them from the town of North Pole. It was -10.

-- Friday night beer and frivolity where I may have traumatized a soul with my "world according to Heather" speech language pathology (SLP) stories.

-- More beer and SLP story swapping on Saturday.

-- Again, attempted to see the Aurora B to no avail. But signed up for text notifications so that at 2:43 am I can get a message telling me that I could see them were I to jump out of bed and in -14 temperatures get my soon to be frozen ass to some location on the opposite side of town that I won't be able to find anyway since I get lost coming home from the coffee shop. Super.

-- Added quickie u-turns to my "Don't Do" list.

-- Was up for sunrise!
Sunrise is at 9:21...
-- Got an education at the Laundromat.

-- Saw a suspiciously big mountain that I believe to be Denali. However, this sighting can be neither confirmed or denied. Now I ask you, dear reader, how is it that someone who has climbed the damn thing, and someone else who has lived here for 17 years (17!), cannot positively identify this mountain. How is that possible? I swear to God I want to strangle someone.
Denali or not, sunset was nice.

-- Attempted to open a wine bottle with a butter knife but was scared I was going to skewer my eye ball.

-- Almost joined a gym but was distracted by Denali endeavors.

-- Admitted I listen to Justin Timberlake loud and proud! (Admission is the first step.)

-- Bought a strawberry shake at McDonald's to drink while I used their wifi to upload this blog posting.

-- Got lost on the way to McDonald's, hence the "no u-turn" rule.

-- Have been listening to the Junkie XL Small Room Mix of Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around...Comes Around" on repeat for 4 hours now. I have got to get a wine opener!


  1. Congrats on finding someone who wanted to hear the SLP stories! :-D jk...
    Beautiful pics! And totally worth the frozen ass.

  2. Not sure he wanted to! LOL. He had no choice.