Monday, March 4, 2013

AK Champ!

Folks, you can now say that you know an Alaska State Record Holder in Olympic Weightlifting (for my age/gender/weight class). There are two lifts in Olympic Weightlifting: the snatch and the clean &Jerk. My record for the snatch is 66lbs; and for Clean &Jerk 93.5lbs.To be clear, I'm not *the* record holder. Each age group is broken down by weight classes and there is a record holder for each of those groups.

I find this hilarious! It is pretty cool, though. This wasn't something that was ever on my bucket list but now that I have it, I can check that box as complete!

This big event happened a week ago and was held at the crossfit gym. Aside from 3 or 4 people, everyone competing was from the gym. You'd think that would have made me feel less nervous but it didn't. Afterwards of course, I was glad to have done it, and will do it again. I made some rookie mistakes and know I can do better. Besides, now I have a record to defend! Honestly though I could have lifted the bar without any weight and still held the record.

My small but loyal fan club was there:
Rushell and her son Jack
Nicole and her daughter Lyla
Blair and Jack
Nicole and Jack
The crew

My numbers on the board.