Saturday, September 8, 2012

A DIY First

Fine readers, I've reached a milestone. I started and completed a DIY project ALL ON MY OWN!  Sorry for the shouting but this is monumental. Typically when I DIY, I don't know what I'm doing, end up getting frustrated and either don't finish the project or do it hastily because I am sick of working on it, and it looks like crap.

But I've turned over a new leaf. The tide has turned. However you want to look at it, I can now look at Pinterest knowing that I'm a doer, not just a late-night-addicted-to-Pinterest-crack-whore-looker. That's right, I re-painted my dresser. I exhibited patience (waited for the paint to completely dry), did my homework (i.e., spent countless hours reading Pinterest), and I completed the project in three days.

To say I "painted" the dresser does not even begin to do this project justice. I didn't merely paint. Oh please. I sanded, primed (2 coats!), sanded again, painted (2 coats!), and added new hardware. Those of you who know my decision making skills, you understand the enormity of me a) deciding on a paint color and b) deciding on hardware.

Granted, I did not use wood-filler on all the dings and scratches before the initial sanding but this isn't a valuable, solid wood construction with dove tails dresser. It's cheap wood, shoddy construction and was a Craigslist deal. A little wood filler wasn't going to turn it into something it's not. Oh, and I used spray paint. Who knew the miracle that is spray paint?!? I want to spray paint everything now! The cats better watch out.

Now, for the big reveal....



(Did you hear the angels sing? I did.) It's by no means perfect but is a vast improvement from it's former self. I like to sit on my bed gazing at it. Heck, I might even pin it to Pinterest!