Monday, July 30, 2012

Chena Lakes: winter vs summer

Chena Lakes is one of my go to places -- perfect for snowshoeing in the winter, and kayaking in the summer. It's interesting to compare the seasons in pictures.

Winter sunset:
I believe this was a "sundog" day. The phantom
sun is to the left.

You can just see the moon to the right.

Summer sunset -- or as close as you can get to it the day after summer solstice. This was taken around 8:30 pm.
This was also notably the day 007 finally asked me out.
In fact, he did so while I was out paddling. 

Looking toward the swimming beaches in winter:

 Picnic tables at the swimming beach:

Swimming beaches in summer:

-20 degree winter attire:
My eyelashes and my insulated
water bottle froze this day.

78 degree summer attire:

Winter scenes:

Summer scenes:
Checking out the boat-in campsites.
Sasquatch (aka Julia) and I enjoying the view.
During her visit from CA we took a spin on the lake.