Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I realized when I mentioned sledding in yesterday's camping post, that I never posted a blog entry about sledding this winter. Shame on me!  I loathe thinking about snow right now, but this was such a fun day it deserves to be blogged. It certainly went into my memory jar. 

There aren't many hills in Fairbanks for sledding but there are a lot of 4-wheelers! Hook a sled up to an ATV and you got yourself a good time! The day started with mimosas and Blair's delicious Huevos Rancheros before sledding commenced. It was a beautiful, sunny day and if I remember correctly, warm! 8 degrees perhaps? Balmy, really.

Hollie pulling Jon and Henlie.
Mark and Henlie on sleds.
Denver kept an eye on everyone.
Getting untangled
Me, Blair and Copper
Mark getting a ride.
Sweet Henlie playing in the snow.
View from the sled.
View after you've been thrown off the sled.
Check out the video for the real action: