Monday, July 16, 2012


This past weekend I was in Seattle visiting Cicilie. What a great time we had! We went on the Seattle Great Wheel.

I managed not freak out when our gondola rose 200ft off the ground. Apparently I have a fear of heights that I never had as a child.

Cicilie and I thoroughly enjoyed West Seattle's Summer Fest:

The Seattle wildlife was in rare form:

Cargo Kilts for men are all the rage in Seattle.
I don't approve.
A highlight of the weekend was going to Trader Joe's to stock up on my favorite things.

I loved seeing all the hydrangeas.

Brunch with a city skyline view was unmatched.

Cicilie enjoying her Bellini.
It was a good weekend. The flight back to Fairbanks however, fell short. Once in my seat a woman with a one year old sat next to me. Her five year old daughter though had been assigned a seat in the row behind us. Not optimal for anyone. I knew there was an empty seat in first class and decided to see what I could do with my MVP status. I let the flight attendant know that I was an MVP and could I upgrade to first class so that the little girl could sit next to her mom. Sure, I was told, come on up. Perfect.

As I settled myself in first class, my sourdough seat mate started telling me what a shame it was that you can no longer smoke in the bar at the Fairbanks airport. I commented that not everyone enjoys cigarette smoke. He replied that those people shouldn't go to those establishments. It was late; I was tired. I refrained from saying anything more. But really, if you're going to make big statements like that to a stranger then you sure as heck had better be prepared for a contradictory response.

So there I am, in First Class, quite pleased with myself for using my power for good. Then it all went to hell. The flight attendant informed me that my seat is actually occupied and the woman in that seat is boarding the plane now and I'd have to find another seat. The flight attendants back in coach pointed out several middle row seats that I could have. I must have had a look of disgust on my face because the asked if these seats were okay. No, they're not, I replied. I had a great seat in first class and quite frankly the late comer to the plane should be put in one of these middle row seats since I was the one volunteering to move to accommodate Alaska Airlines mistake of not seating a mother and child together in the first place!

Yes, that is what I said, out loud.

I ended up in the seat that that 5 year old originally had. A middle seat in between a morbidly obese woman and another sourdough with a ponytail to his waist. I could not move for three and a half hours. The mother in the row ahead of me graciously asked if I wanted my original window seat back. Of course I said no. Her daughter was already half asleep and had been so excited when she was able to sit next to her mom.

When we landed in Fairbanks I felt as though I was walking with cement logs rather than legs; and my calves felt like they were going to implode. I was certain that I was forming a leg clot that would soon be a pulmonary embolism. My local paramedic told me to take an aspirin.

While away, the Fairbanks contingency managed to carry on without me.
Fairbanks gang

I was sad to have missed the bonfire festivities particularly since Hollie et al. were visiting from Anchorage. But it was great getting my quota of Cicilie and "city" time in Seattle.

Not to mention my fabulous pair of new shoes!