Tuesday, December 13, 2011


For those of you envisioning me as the glamorous jet-setter of Alaska, let me set you straight. I'm not. The job is not. Take for example my current abode in Galena.

This is my bed. Notice the mismatch in size between the mattress and box spring. How's that for glamor?!  

I stay in a dormitory. Galena has a high school boarding school (*not* of the Connecticut kind.) There is a student dorm and an "adult" dorm. When I make my monthly trips to Galena I stay in the adult dorm. Saying it's like staying in a budget motel is too kind. I actually think my apartment at Jillian Square was nicer. On my last trip my bed didn't even have a top sheet!
One of the rooms in my hall.
I have no idea why the bed is topsy-turvy.

I'm the only person staying in my wing. Nice, but also weird as every room is open and looks like there was either a huge party here last week or the janitorial staff is on permanent vacation.

The room across the hall from me.
It took me awhile to figure out why all the mini-fridges are in the middle of the room. I think it's because electricity is so expensive here that all appliances are unplugged when not in use. So when I arrive to my room, I have to plug the refrigerator in and then push it back into its spot.

I can't deny that there was some looting done by me as I was "exploring". All these empty rooms and they had what I needed! Extra blankets, wash cloth and a box of Kleenex! On my last trip my bed didn't have a top sheet. Oh, the horror of having my skin touch the polyester atrocity called a bedspread! (Not that the 150 thread count sheets are much better...) When I saw the opportunity to take care of myself this time around, you'd better believe I took advantage!

This is my favorite. I like duct tape as much as the next person, but couldn't they have at least tried glue?