Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas? What happened to Thanksgiving?

I don't know how it got to be Christmas already. The last few weeks have been a blur. But to recap briefly, let's revisit Thanksgiving.

Lovely dinner with the ladies. For the first time in, I don't know how many years, I did not play Nertz on Thanksgiving. Just as well, I'm sure, as it is referred to as a blood sport by some folks.

I volunteered to make pies before realizing that I didn't have a rolling pin. This is why, one should always have wine in the house!

Henlie asked if she could "have some of these."

That same weekend was the ditch "incident". No need to discuss that further!

Jumping ahead, the weekend after Thanksgiving, I took Henlie and Savannah to Christmas in Ice

Christmas in Ice is an ice sculpture park. Not *the* Ice Park that Fairbanks is famous for, but fun nonetheless. Running the through mazes made of ice and sliding down ice slides, what could be more fun?


The day we went most of the sculptures were still being created. With chainsaws.
Probably not a hobby I should take up.

Kitties are still enjoying watching the snow and the ravens.