Monday, December 5, 2011

Adak Revisited

Further west than Hawaii and as far south as Vancouver British Columbia. Yet, at times Adak feels like a parallel universe. It's a place where you walk your dogs by having them run behind the truck for a few blocks, you park on the front lawn,

...small children ask their fathers, "Daddy, do we have to wear our seat belts in this world?"

And you go to the dump to see the Bald Eagles.

Yes, it was another trip to Adak Island. This time the plane was able to land. Being in Adak can feel like being in a time warp. Dog days really. I was there for 4 1/2 days and it felt like 2 weeks! After the initial catching up on paperwork and enjoying the later sunset (6:23pm!) the boredom set in. There's nothing to do in Adak.

Oh wait. There is Caribou hunting.

Remains of the tasty Caribou that I ate.

Typical night. Watching "Keepin' it Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot" was a highlight. (That was my contribution.)
Teachers and therapists kickin' it!

The scenery is undeniably beautiful.

Margaret Thatcher was there.

Margaret hasn't been to finishing school yet.

Ah, yes. The Adak National Forest. It really was called that at one time. There's a picture in the airport to prove it.

The sign has since blown away.

Margaret enjoying the view.

The mystique and allure of the bald eagle has subsided particularly after seeing them scavenging at the dump. 
America's finest!

The dump -- it's in my roots.

I love snow on the beach. Sand is easier to walk on when it's frozen!