Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Weekend Part 2: Saturday Night

Saturday night was a night of first for me: first time I went to Silver Gulch Brewery, the Big I Pub & Lounge, Kodiak Jack's, and first time I've ever frequented a tattoo parlor (in Fairbanks or otherwise). Sorry, there are no pictures, and trust me, that is for the best.

The first stop of the evening was at the Silver Gulch Brewery in Fox, AK. Silver Gulch is the only brewery in the Fairbanks vicinity. They do have a few nice beers. I like their Pick Axe Porter and the Oatmeal stout I had with dinner was good. Before dinner though, I still had a hankering for a good Manhattan especially since the one the night before had been such a flop. While waiting for our table we had a drink at the bar. It was here that I was introduced to the drink, car bomb: 1/2 pint of Guinness and a shot of Kalua, Baileys and whiskey. The shot glass of Kalua, Baileys and whiskey is dropped into the Guinness and then you chug the entire thing. I likeded it! Which was perhaps, my first mistake. I know better than to mix drinks, but it was good. The Manhattan was good. The beer was good. It was all good. I may need to go back and get their t-shirt that says: Fairbanks. Where the people are unusual and the beer is unusually good. Hollie says that our waitress had a frontal lisp and I thought she had a brain injury.

During dinner it came up that it was family night at the tattoo parlor. Family night meaning a band was playing and there was food. I had heard about this place before and was curious. One of our party decided he needed to get some finish work done on his tattoo, so off we went. It was interesting. Not having been to a tattoo parlor before I had no idea what to expect. The band was good -- a guitar and fiddle duo. There was even food. In a crockpot. And brownies from Sam's Club. But alas, no drinks. We didn't stay long.

And now for the big reveal... I did not get a tattoo. Sorry to disappoint but I wasn't about to get a tattoo after having had a Car Bomb.

We moved on from the tattoo parlor to the only "Irish Pub" in town, the Big I. The moniker of Irish Pub should be interpreted loosely. So loosely that the Big I doesn't qualify as being Irish or a pub. It's just a bar. But it was drinks all around (bourbon and soda for me!) and they had a jukebox. Some time was spent here, and I also had a Royal Flush. Eventually it was time to move on.

Next, it was Kodiak Jack's. According to their website, Kodiak's is one of the "class acts of the Fairbanks night scene". I think it my be *the* night scene in Fairbanks if that is your scene. It does have a lot going on, I'll give it that. First, there's the main dance floor and bar which is country rock, and comes complete with a mechanical bull. Then, there is a bar that plays rock. But doesn't have a dance floor. It was one the rock side of things that Hollie and I met "Tim" who was supposedly from Ireland. He should have gone to the Big I.

At some point (when it was actually dark out) I made it home. Not to worry, we had a designated driver -- some pregnant chick we picked up along the way. No, not some random woman; she was a friend of the people I was with and we ran into her at the Big I. What a night!

Sunday was spent on the couch regenerating liver cells. I was supposed to join Hollie et al. for brunch (and all you can drink mimosas until 2:30!) But when the alarm went off that morning, the only way I was going to brunch was if I were decapitated. Oh Lord.

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