Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snow Daze

It's a snowy, snowy day here in the 'banks. Was yesterday, too. So snowy and blustery and icy that school has been cancelled for the second day in a row. What a treat! For all the times I prayed for snow in arid Calistoga, I'm now getting the coveted snow days.

This storm though has been weird: freezing rain, wind, warm temperatures. The wind woke me up last night at 12:30 am and my temperature gauge read 41 degrees outside. What? The 4 inches of snow that had been dumped on my deck and stairs earlier in the day was completely melted.

Trees were bare because the wind had shook loose the snow. Weird, wild stuff. There have been wide-spread power outages. County offices are closed for the day. Some private businesses as well. But Crossfit? Heck no. That sucker stays open regardless of weather.

In these snowy days I've managed to catch up on laundry, complete various house projects, do some research for work, and bake chocolate chip pumpkin bread. That was all yesterday. For today, I leave you with this funny story about my paternal grandparents. It's not related to winter storms, merely a cute story. I give to you, Edith and Walt.

Edith and Walt were married in the mid-1930's. By all accounts of the time, my dear sweet grandma, Edith Anne, was a spinster, marrying at the age of 27. Walt and Edith knew each other prior to marriage because their families had neighboring ranches. Edith was even close friends with Walt's sister, Claire. Before holy matrimony took place, Edith was walking into town one day. I'm guessing it was quite a walk but you know how these stories go ("when I was a kid, I had to walk 5 miles through snow to get to school...)

So there Edith was, walking to town, when Walt came careening by in his car stopping short in a cloud of dust. He offered Edith a ride to which she accepted. As they were driving along, Walt was apparently driving a bit fast for Edith's liking. She asked him why he was going so fast.

Walt replied, "I'm out of cigarettes and need to get into town to get more!"

Edith, ever obliging, assured Walt that if he would slow down, she'd be happy to roll him a cigarette. Walt thought this was a grand idea and so Edith pulled out her papers and tobacco and rolled him one. With deep inhalations Walt slowed the car and they had a leisurely drive into town.

There you have it folks. Cigarettes: bringing people together and preventing accidents!