Thursday, August 8, 2013

"The Way We Talk"

As a speech therapist I have worked with clients who stutter, and I have friends who stutter. It is my belief that stuttering is not an affliction that needs to be cured or fixed. Rather, it is the societal belief that stuttering is wrong, that needs to change.

The documentary, "The Way We Talk" will go a long way in helping to change that belief. As a speech therapist it would be wonderful to share a movie like this with my clients. People who stutter often have deep feelings of isolation. Alleviating those feelings is, I think, more of a priority for me as a therapist, than reducing the amount of stuttering in a person's speech.

As the movie producers state, "This film is a reminder that when we share our experiences, our struggles, our selves―we find that we are not alone."

Stuttering is not a reflection of a person's intelligence, their nervousness or their inability to relax. Stuttering has a neurological basis. Stuttering is not anyone's fault -- particularly parents. Stuttering is not something that people should feel they need to hide, or feel ashamed of.

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