Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hot, as in Bikram Yoga hot. The room is 105 degrees while you move through a sequence of 26 poses. Like Crossfit, I have goals for Bikram yoga: don't throw up and don't pass out. Unlike Crossfit I don't need to worry about peeing my pants. During hot yoga you sweat so much that the studio floor has to be mopped before the next class. If I even had water remaining in my body to excrete no one would notice if I tinkled in my pants.

I did Bikram yoga this past week while visiting my friend Hollie. I blame this on her. She convinced me to go because of the "scenery" in class. I wouldn't know if there was scenery or not. I couldn't see due to my vision being obscured by copious amounts of sweat. After being in -40 temps for weeks immersing myself in 105 degrees may have been a shock to my system. At times I felt dizzy, nauseous and like I was going to hurl. The heat was oppressive -- it hurt to inhale. But it felt good.

I found Bikram Yoga to be equally as hard as Crossfit albeit in a different way. Very technical, like Crossfit, and the intensity is similar. You get little breaks but they're never long enough to recover. And as I mentioned, there's the whole passing out and puking elements that tie the activities together. Apparently these are things I enjoy about exercise. Go figure.