Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Don't Believe

The back of this notecard says that Polar bears hide their black noses with their paws to disguise themselves while waiting for seals at the water's edge.

How do Polar bears know their noses are black? Believe me, mirrors are not in prevalant use here in Alaska. My friend Rushell and I witnessed this Friday night at the Yukon Quest Association fund raiser. For 25 bucks you could taste wine and beer, bid on auction items and of course, people watch.

The whole event was fascinating. Classic Fairbanks: hors d'oeuvres consisted of veggie chips and pretzels on a platter, folks dressed in Carharts, a myriad of dreadlocks, and of course ladies trying to "dress up" but over reaching and looking like hoochie mamas instead.

All the big names in the dog mushing community were there: Hugh Neff, Aliy Zirkle, Allen Moore, Lance Mackey, Lance Mackey's son Cain, and my favorite, Brent Sass. Good Lord and butter do I have a crush on him. I have no idea why -- all I want to do is take a sharp pair of shears to his hair! The mushers were dressed in tuxedos and passed out pretzels and veggie chips for the evening.

Brent Sass
It was a good thing I didn't register as a bidder. Otherwise I may not have been able to refrain from bidding on the lot, "musher for a day with Brent Sass".