Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Believe

If there is a sun god or goddess, I believe. I would bow at his or her knees and drink from the goblet of light. I miss the sun that much.

The forecast predicted highs of -26 today. Warm enough to be outside for a bit so I thought I'd go snowshoeing. I tell ya, cabin fever is real. I haven't spent meaningful time outside in over a week and I'm going nuts. Staying "busy" and being outside are two completely different things. I need a certain amount of outside time. I need fresh air, even if it makes me feel like I'm coughing up the lining of my lungs and my nose hairs freeze.

My backpack filled with three layers of long underwear, feet and hand warmers, hat, glove/mitten system, and a neck warmer, I headed to the gym. I needed to warm up before snowshoeing so I did a 5k meter row. Then it was off to Chena Lakes. 

Turns out, the weather forecasts were wrong. It was not -26 but 38 below.

But the sun was out.

A half moon was also bright in the sky. And why shouldn't it be. Night fall was only 2 hours away.

The last rays of sun brightened up the trees.

When I arrived at the trail head I came across two moose rooting around. I was able to get a quick picture but I decided not to go snowshoeing with them in the vicinity. You can't be too careful around moose. 

I sat for awhile (in my car with heated seats) watching the moose. They soon burrowed down in a snow bed.

 It was nice to be out for a few hours even if my hands did turn into painful claws.