Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ruckus in the Muckus

Summer has at last arrived in Fairbanks. The trees are fully leafed out. Nightly temps don't dip below 40 and during the day it has occasionally reached 70 degrees. What a luxury to leave the windows open at night! We are officially in Civil Twilight, which means there is 24 hours of light. There is an actual sunset and sunrise but it never gets dark enough in between that artificial light is required to see.

I ran a mud obstacle race yesterday, called Ruckus in the Muckus: a hilly 5k with sporadic mud obstacles thrown in. We had to crawl through mud, run through a 4 feet deep mud pit and climb a short hill while being sprayed with water. It wasn't as as drastic as it sounds. Aside from the mud pit I didn't get dirty at all.

I ran with a group from Crossfit. It was a fun time although a bit surreal. I only had five hours of sleep before the race (yes, a ruckus at Kodiak Jack's had taken place the previous evening!) And while waiting for the race to start I ran into a guy I'd been on a date with, only to have him tell me he's getting back together with his ex-girlfriend. I wanted to push him into the mud pit.

Crossfit crew