Friday, April 20, 2012

The *Real* Sign of Spring

Around town the drip, drip of snow melting is the best sound. The snow is gone from my back yard, and the cats are going outside once again. Last weekend there was even a bonfire party. It was 34 degrees but it was light until 10:30, so why wouldn't we be outside? It was glorious. 

All evidence points to a burgeoning spring and a summer that can't be far away. But the true indicator of spring is not the sweet anticipation of river floating, suntans or midnight fishing. No, the real sign is me getting pulled over for speeding. As I pulled out of the Fairbanks airport onto the snow-free roads, I said the following to myself: "I'm so glad the roads are clear so that I can speed again." Yes, I actually said these words in my head. Not five minutes later I was handing over my license and registration.

Allegedly I was driving 65 in a 45mph zone. Whoops! Now, understand that not only was I giddy from the almost 60 degree day. I had also returned home from five days in Galena. Let me repeat: FIVE days in Galena. So yes, I may have been speeding. I was also excited to be on my way to a glass of wine on Pike's Patio by the river. My giddiness knew no bounds.

So yeah, the policeman clocked me at 65. He was driving in the opposite direction, did a u-turn and chased me down. I got off with a lecture. He nodded knowingly when I mentioned Galena. He claims he was letting me off with a warning because of the spring in my step. That may have been a reference to my slightly revealing shirt.  After my last few ticket debacles I've learned a few things.