Saturday, November 19, 2011

Plentiful Sunshine

I noticed today that The Weather Channel describes Fairbanks weather not only as "bitterly cold" but also as having "plentiful sunshine". Interesting.

What kind of back-handed compliment is that? You know the sort..."You're so much prettier than your picture." Yeah. Uh-huh. Thanks. Well "plentiful sunshine" feels like it's written in the same vein. I can just imagine some young bucks, 25 year olds, just hired out of college, trying to make their mark in the corporate offices of The Weather Channel, yukkin' it up in the company kitchen every morning:
"Hey Steve, what are you gonna say about the weather in Fairbanks today? I mean, it's the same, right? Aren't you getting bored writing about that? Same shit everyday. I mean, it's just shit-eating cold, right?" John comments as he checks his reflection in the aluminum coffee carafe.

Steve takes a bite of his Costco-sized blueberry muffin. "Jesus Christ, I know man. Poor mother-fuckers."

"So, what ARE you gonna say?" John asks as he pumps out a mug of Uzuri African Blend from the carafe and sweetens it with Agave Nectar.

"Get this. I'll say the usual, right. 'bitterly cold'. Then, I'll throw in 'plentiful sunshine'! Yeah! That's good right?"

John slaps Steve on the back, "Haha! Dude. You should like make that your Facebook status!" They walk back to their cubicles, laughing all the way. 

Yes. Bitterly cold it was again today. And yes, there was also plentiful sunshine. Joke or not, considering our 10:00am sunrise and 3:46pm sunset I was thrilled to see the sun in any form. Driving to North Pole this morning (at sunrise) it felt like a miracle.

Warm? No. But it was bright, and as the sun rose the trees were bathed in the loveliest of golden hues.

These bitterly cold temps have brought with them "winter retail therapy". I got myself a pair of Bogs (comfort rated to minus 40!), plenty of SmartWool socks and a new hat. One that covers my ears.

Hot buttered rum helps too.