Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Miss an Island

Here is a companion tutorial to last week's: How to miss your flight. If those steps failed and you managed to make the flight, you can still miss landing at your island destination.

It's simple:

1) Fly 3 hours to your destination.
2) Listen to the pilot tell the passengers that he has one shot to make the landing otherwise the plane is turning back to Anchorage. (Bear in mind that planes only land on this island two times a week. There won't be another flight for 4 days.)
3) Watch from your window as the plane clears the hills and starts to descend over the harbor.
4) Watch the plane getting closer and closer to the ground until you feel the plane start rising again.
5) Witness the pilot turn the plane around.
6) Land at Anchorage three hours later.

There. Now you've spent six hours on a plane and ended up where you started.