Monday, March 28, 2011

Chena Lakes

Awhile back, when daylight barely stretched to 5:00pm, and daytime highs topped out at 0 degrees (one a warm day) I went for a trek at Chena Lake Recreation area. In the summer this place is hopping, I'm sure. Nice big lake for fishing and kayaking, beaches for soaking up that precious vitamin D and only 30 minutes south of Fairbanks.

In winter, not as popular.

I was there on a weekend and saw three groups of people. I was the only person out walking; the others were ice fishing.

I had a map. Thought I was following the trail but of course I wasn't. That's not entirely true. I was following a trail, just not the one on the map. The trail I was on eventually met up with what must be a road in the summer. I wasn't worried about getting lost. But then again, I never am.

It was a great day to be out. Cold, yes. I had to wear my neck gaiter and hat continuously. Having my lips and jaw exposed for more than a minute was painful. Taking my gloves off in order to take pictures was a big deal.

And then it snowed. Big, fat, juicy snowflakes that stung my cheeks. I could have stood there for hours watching the flakes fall. The negative temps were getting to me though. Unless I was walking my feet felt like blocks of ice. And it was getting dark.

Overlooking the lake.

Had enough sunset pictures?

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