Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lessons Learned at Negative 2

The Fairbanks Borough Parks and Rec department has created a great cross-country ski loop this winter at Tanana Lakes. It's perfect for me, the neophyte skier. I can practice my kick and glide without worry of embarrassing myself in front of the six year olds at Birch Hill. That's not a joke -- kids here ski young and they ski well. 

I skied a loop across the lake and took a few pics. It was a great way to end a stressful week; and so nice to see the sun after 4:00!

It was a great ski.

After I took this picture I tried to start my car with the remote start. I didn't get confirmation beep so I knew it had not started. I figured I was too far away still, for it to work. I typically only take my remote start fob with me when skiing or snowshoeing so that I don't risk losing my keys. 

I got back to my car and the remote start still wouldn't work, nor would it unlock the car. The battery was dead. No problem, I can text someone to bring me a triple A battery. 

Pulled my phone out of my pocket and it was dead. In the cold, phone batteries die quickly. But I am aware of this and keep a chemical warmer in my pocket with my phone, so that it stays warm and doesn't die. Phone was dead. 

I looked around and of course not one person was at the ice rink or the fishing huts. Not one! It was cold, -2 or so, especially being soaking wet from sweating. 

I don't get easily ruffled in these situations but I admit, I did have a few moments of, "Ruh-roh, Shaggy. This could be bad."

My only choice was to start walking and hope that someone was planning a night ski or fishing trip,  and would drive by. Often the parks and rec people are driving around so I was hoping I might run into one of them. If I didn't run into anyone, I knew I could walk to a gas station about a mile and a half away. Once there I'd have to beg for a battery though since my wallet was locked in the car. There was no point in walking home (3 miles away) because I didn't have a key to get inside. 

Better get walkin', I thought! If nothing else it would keep me warm. I was very cold by this time standing by my locked car in my sweat soaked clothes. I considered breaking a window but there wasn't anything available that I could've used to break a window. 

Fortunately I only had to walk about 5 minutes before I saw a car. I flagged it down and asked if they had a battery. AND THEY DID! Who, I ask you, who carries batteries (and triple A none, the less) in their car?!? I guess I will now. And, I will now keep the car key with me.