Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ice Fishing

This week marked the 5th anniversary of my arrival in Fairbanks.  To mark the occasion I went ice fishing for the first time. 

I hadn't been fishing in years.  The most fishing I did as a kid was at the Trout Farm in Calistoga, where everyone gets the catch of the day. 

Here I am with my catch at the Trout Farm. I was about 4 years old here. 

Ice fishing wasn't quite as simple as at the Trout Farm but it was just as fun. A friend of friend has a guiding business and in the winter takes groups ice fishing on Chena Lake. He invited us to join in Saturday morning. 

I had been imaging a small hut with one hole in the ice that we'd all be crowded around. Instead, this was the glamping of ice fishing! The fishing hut was huge with 8 holes and a stove.  We were treated to eggs, bacon and Austrian crepes! There may have been a beer or two as well. It wouldnt be ice fishing if there wasn't beer! The kids caught one fish but mostly we learned why it's called fishing and not catching. 

Fairbanks has been experiencing a mild winter. The last week temperatures have been in the 20's. This made ice fishing quite pleasant. The stove kept the ice hut nice and toasty. Even if it had been -40, I'm sure we would've been we fine.  

This was my fishing hole. I was surprised by the glow of light emanating from the ice. The water is fairly clear so you can watch your bait and for any sneaky fish. I didn't get one bite. Not even bump on the line. 

The fancy ice hut with stove.

Everything has its place in the ice fishing hut. 

Being taught by the master. 

Everyone loves fishing!

Olin checking his line. 

Resetting my line. 

Waiting for fish! 

Hilary and I gettin' our fish on!