Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kayaking, Kayaking, Kayaking

After a winter that would never end, summer has finally arrived in Fairbanks. Up until three weeks ago there was still ice on the lakes!

I don't think I have ever described Fairbanks as being "hot". But it is. We've already had more 75+ days in June than we had in all of last summer's entirety. It's been fantastic. I went kayaking two days in a row this weekend. I'd have made it three in a row were it not for the blisters on my hands from paddling so much.

Friday, I went to Quartz Lake. Pretty, but lots of dead fish from the ice taking such a long time to melt. There wasn't any wind at all, which makes for a lot of work paddling. Hence the blisters. 

On the way home from Quartz I stopped at Chena Lakes for some late night paddling.

This was about 10:00pm.

Saturday I went to Birch Lake, where I saw three moose. This is the only one I got a picture of.

Kayaking when the mountains are out, is supreme.

While at Birch Lake I met my friend Rushell and her boy, Baby Jack, for some beach time.

Seeing the shadow of my boat on top of my car is always a wonderous site (and not just because I manage to get it up there!)

The cats have been coping with the heat by, well, how they cope with everything...sleeping.