Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh, Thanksgiving

What would Thanksgiving be without a little chaos and a grease fire? A small fire that was quickly put out. No thanks to me though. I couldn't find my baking soda until after every one left. Typical. Thank God I didn't have to call the fire department -- I would have been mortified!

Pot -- post fire.
The elusive baking soda.

Best decision I made for the evening was to set the 5 year old's up in the office with a craft table. They stayed there all night.

The official "turkey" dinner was Friday night at Blair and Mark's. We had two turkey's -- one deep fried (delicious!) and one traditionally roasted. Not to mention many, side dishes. And because we hadn't had near enough food to eat Friday, we had sushi Saturday night. Gastronomic delight!
Blair, Henlie, Hollie and Jon. Mark is not
pictured because he made a quick trip to Sears.
Chef J at Seoul Sushi made us each a "special" sushi roll. I have no idea what was in mine but it sure was good. And where else but in Fairbanks can you sit at the sushi bar, have a customized sushi roll made with exactly what you want in it, enjoy karaoke and have the restaurant to yourself? Good times.

Hollie and Henlie enjoying karaoke.