Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'll Show You!

The Crossfit WOD (aka Workout of the Day) was to do intervals of sledgehammer strikes and kettlebell swings. I haven't swung a sledgehammer in awhile so before we started I was testing out the different weights of sledgehammers (ranging from 8-15lbs) to decide which one I'd use. I picked up the 15 pounder and wasn't sure I could manage that weight for the length of the workout. I set it down.

Then... some jackass said to me, "you might be more comfortable using a lighter weight".

I wanted to punch him! Instead I smiled sweetly and walked away. Granted, I'm no Crossfit star but I can hold my own. And may I mention that the kettlebell I was swinging was 53 lbs -- the very same weight that Jackass was using!

We started the workout and I began with the kettlebell swings. Every four minutes we switched between kettlebell swings and sledgehammer strikes. After the first four minutes I went to grab a 10lb sledgehammer. Kane (our fearless leader at Crossfit Fairbanks) told me to take the 15 pounder.

So I did. And I rocked it!
Obviously not me, but that is the same weight sledgehammer I used.
(In warmer weather we do a lot of WODs outside.)

Oh, and this is what my hand looked like after sledgehammer strikes.

You may not be able to tell, but there's a
blister forming under my callous. Sweet.