Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cordova in Pictures

Last week I was in Cordova -- little fishing town on Prince William Sound that is only accessible by boat or plane. The scenery is spectacular. Apparently I brought the good weather as there were unprecedented days of sunshine while I was there. An added bonus was the full moon.

My flight to Cordova began with equisite views of Mt. Foraker (left) and Denali (right).

VIew flying in to Cordova.

One of the glaciers in the area, as seen from the plane.

Elementary school

Fuel tank

Main Street

Angry Fisherman. I stayed at the Reluctant Fisherman Inn.
I'm sensing some pent up feelings.

The decades old, not to code, sprinkler system in my "renovated" room
(which also smelled of mold and dead animal).
Good thing the adjoining restaurant and bar are nice!

So many sea otters!
View of the harbor and town from the harbor break wall.

My view from the bar.
I go to Cordova every month -- I'll be seeing this view a lot!