Monday, June 20, 2011

To Be Continued...

It's hard to believe that my four month stint in Fairbanks is over and I'm already back in California. It's been odd getting used to dark skies at 9:00 and the relentless traffic. In many ways it feels like I never left. This is both comforting and disconcerting. I've had new experiences and have changed, yet nothing else has.

In August I'll be returning to Fairbanks but this time in a slightly different capacity from my previous position. More details on that come. I'll be driving my car up to Fairbanks. Seeing how well I navigated that small town, it's sure to be an interesting drive. 

I enjoyed my time in Fairbanks immensely. It was just what I needed -- a change in perspective. While there I felt as though I was in a protective bubble, on an extended vacation. It never felt like real life. But the friends I made certainly were real and I look forward to seeing them all again. As for now, I'm enjoying catching up with my California friends.

I know the long Alaska days make summer there special, but honestly, California summers are hard to beat. I've already been camping in the Sierras and I don't think there is any place on Earth that is as exquisite as the Sierra Nevada range. Regardless of where I am in the world, those mountains have my heart. The California coast is also amazing, not to mention the Napa Valley and my patio! So much to do this summer!

Have a good summer y'all and I look forward to filling you in on the details of my next Alaskan stint. Hopefully with tales of ice climbing, dog mushing, more snowshoeing, and of course whatever trouble comes my way.

Magnificent Denali as seen from Talkeetna.

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